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TrueNorth Overview

TrueNorth was founded with a clear sense of purpose and direction: provide exceptional, unfiltered and unbiased merger and acquisition and restructuring advice to middle market companies. Our firm understands those issues unique to this market and works within a structure that guarantees senior level execution. The TrueNorth team has the integrity and foresight to forego short term gain in favor of creating lasting relationships borne of trust.

The founding members of TrueNorth have built their careers and reputations serving this market and understanding its intricacies. They have evidenced their skills in the successful completion of hundreds of assignments; and have done so while always remaining true to their core principles. Unwavering commitment to our clients' best interests and the highest standard of service are the promise of TrueNorth.

TNCP, LLC (wholly-owned subsidiary of TrueNorth Capital Partners LLC) is a Registered broker dealer with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a member of FINRA/SIPC.