Scout Valuations

Scout Valuations is an independent valuation firm founded by TrueNorth to provide valuations for a wide variety of assets. As indicated by our name, our approach uses a Scout mindset to arrive at valuations that provide an accurate and unbiased picture of reality based on information gathered during our engagement. We report those findings in a clear and concise manner. Scout Valuations’ highly accredited and experienced appraisers have completed hundreds of valuations across a broad range of industries and have testified in state and federal courts.

Scout Valuation is fully dedicated to business valuation. We provide thorough, independent valuation analyses together with superior client service and responsiveness. We produce comprehensive analyses and deliverables that reflect our technical depth and extensive experience with complex valuation issues and diverse industries. Our analyses combine a detailed understanding of the business, industry and economic context, with the insight to address complex valuation issues regarding your business.

Business valuation is impacted by a multitude of factors including a company’s industry, its stage of development and the source of its invested capital. Additionally, the variety of purposes for which business valuations are performed further increase the complexity of business valuation. At Scout Valuations we understand these complexities intimately and tailor each of our engagements to make sure we are providing the level of service required for each situation.

Business valuation requires a solid grasp of both how value has been created prior to the valuation date, and, more importantly, how it will continue to be created in the future. The process of value creation does not follow a single path, but rather many paths. Scout Valuations understands this process and can decipher the information to provide a clear view of value to the user.

We tailor the scope of our business valuations to our client’s specific needs and the purpose of the engagement. When appropriate, our valuation report provides an overview of the company, industry, economy; discusses value drivers; outlines the analysis performed, along with the inputs and assumptions used; and incorporates detailed exhibits that support our valuation conclusion. The valuation analysis is sound and the report is defensible, and if challenged, we provide our clients with additional support, including serving as an expert witness at trial.

Tax planning and compliance are key elements of effective business management and any succession or estate plan. The complexities associated with succession planning and estate reporting can make it challenging to get a valuation right. Scout’s experience with preparing and defending these valuations allows us to guide our client through the process. Our tax planning and compliance valuation services include:

  • Estate tax reporting
  • Estate planning
  • Gift tax reporting
  • Charitable contributions
  • Equity based compensation – IRC Section 409A

Who We Work With:

  • Trust and Estate Attorneys
  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Family Offices
  • Trustees
  • Accountants

Scout Valuations supports experienced litigators with valuable financial and economic analysis, dispute resolution and expert services to assist in resolving complicated disputes. By providing valuable financial insight and clarity to counsel, we handle complicated, and often high-stakes litigation and dispute resolution for various types of clients from diverse industries. From expert witness services to appraisals related to marital dissolution and shareholder disputes, Scout Valuations provides financial insight needed to build a credible case.

The increasing financial complexities in divorce make understanding financial information and tax consequences in matrimonial matters essential to your effectiveness as a family law practitioner. Scout Valuations has a thorough understanding of the issues in family law matters. Our professionals have testified in both state and federal courts. Our litigation and dispute services include:

  • Marital dissolution
  • Minority shareholder dissenting actions
  • Business damages
  • Tax and other disputes

Who We Work With:

  • Matrimonial attorneys
  • Corporate attorneys
  • In-house counsel
  • Courts, mediators and other neutrals

Scout Valuations conducts detailed analyses of a target company’s financial statements and pertinent business documents, discussions with company management, and a thorough review of current economic and industry-specific conditions. We combine our valuation expertise with our knowledge of the relevant sections of accounting promulgations to deliver fair values that stand up under third-party review.

We have experience valuing a wide array of intangible assets and liabilities. Intangible assets include technology and proprietary practices, customer relationships and contracts, trade names and trademarks, non-compete agreements, and other assets. We can also value assumed liabilities such as deferred revenue or the fair value of contingent consideration. Our financial reporting services include:

  • Allocation of the purchase price paid in a transaction to acquired intangible and tangible assets and assumed liabilities (FASB ASC Topic 805)
  • Goodwill and long-lived asset impairment analyses (FASB ASC Topic 350)
  • Equity based compensation (FASB ASC Topic 718)

Who We Work With:

  • CFOs
  • Accounting officers
  • Controllers
  • Accountants

Scout Valuations helps public and private business owners understand the value of, what is likely, their most significant asset. The value of a business can be used in many planning areas such as M&A financing transactions, shareholder agreements or succession planning.

Succession planning is as much a personal decision as it is a business decision. Whether a private business owner is considering transferring the business to family members, structuring a long-term incentive plan for key employees, forming an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), or an outright sale of the business, a number of issues require careful consideration and have long-term implications for the business, the family, and the business owner’s estate.

A critical element of succession planning is the business valuation, which can have a significant impact on a range of issues, such as gift and estate taxes, structuring shareholder agreements, or assessing strategic alternatives, such as the timing of a liquidity event. By focusing on the value of the business, business owners can create a successful long-term succession plan, avoid potential conflicts among family members, and align corporate and shareholder objectives.

Scout Valuations understands the complexities and implications of succession planning, can provide the proper perspective in performing the valuation, and will collaborate effectively with your team of advisors. Our business planning and transactions services include:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Shareholder agreements and buy/sell agreements
  • Financial modeling

Who We Work With:

  • Private business owners
  • Corporations (both public and private)
  • Wealth managers
  • Corporate attorneys
  • Trust and estate attorneys
  • Accountants

Investment analysis and monitoring to fund managers, limited partners, shareholders, beneficiaries or large multinational corporations and holding companies is a key part for monitoring an investment portfolio and subsidiary holdings for investors, shareholders and a company’s board of directors.

Scout Valuations can provide required monthly, quarterly or annual net asset valuations (“NAV”). All shareholders and investors expect frequent reports on the performance of subsidiary and portfolio companies, often including periodic assessments and calculations of NAV.

This independent assessment adds additional transparency for your company which provides current and future investors’, shareholders and boards with confidence in your company’s internal controls.

Scouts Portfolio and Subsidiary valuation services include:

  • Quarterly/annual reviews (Valuation Reports)
  • Quarterly/annual valuation updates
  • Portfolio/Subsidiary valuation

Who We Work With:

  • Large public corporations
  • Private equity firms
  • Family offices
  • Banks and lenders