Middle Market Veterans Launch Strategic Advisory Firm

April 11, 2009 TrueNorth News

We are pleased to announce… the formation of TrueNorth Capital Partners, LLC (“TrueNorth”), a new financial services firm that will provide corporate advisory and restructuring services to middle market clients in the U.S. and abroad.

TrueNorth was founded by and will be lead by Jeffrey Gaynor, Frederick Rossetti and Michael Baisley who have been business partners, advising middle market companies, for more than 15 years. The three founders will serve as Managing Directors and will be responsible for the business development, operations and regulatory supervision of the firm. Prior to founding TrueNorth, the founders led and managed a successful cross-border and restructuring M&A boutique and were personally responsible for more than 200 transactions and advisory mandates. They have also served as Presidents, Chief Operating Officers and Directors of a number of private investment companies as well as chief restructuring officers and turnaround advisors.

TrueNorth will focus on providing merger and acquisition advice, restructuring advice, valuation and fairness opinions to middle market companies. Capitalizing on the international M&A and restructuring backgrounds of the three founders, the firm will provide sophisticated financial advice from experienced senior management to clients in an underserved market. Middle market clients interested in acquiring strategic add-ons or seeking an equity partner as well as those confronting challenges will find creative solutions to complex issues from TrueNorth’s bankers. As an independent advisory firm, free from conflicts, TrueNorth will provide exemplary service, put the client’s best interests first and deliver best in class expertise.

As a firm, we look forward to assisting our clients in these challenging times. Any further inquiries can be directed to the Principals below.

For further information visit our website at www.truenorthcp.com or contact:

TrueNorth Capital Partners LLC
40 Richards Avenue
Third Floor, Suite 309
Norwalk, CT 06854

Frederick A. Rossetti – frossetti@truenorthcp.com
Michael D. Baisley – mbaisley@truenorthcp.com
Jeffrey B. Gaynor – jgaynor@truenorthcp.com