JFM Capital and TrueNorth Advise Strategic Biofuels on Entering Joint Development Agreement with Sumitomo Corporation of America

February 23, 2024 TrueNorth News

Stamford, CT, and New Orleans, LA, February 26, 2024: JFM Capital Advisors, LLC (“JFM Capital”) and TrueNorth Capital Partners LLC proudly announce the successful facilitation of a groundbreaking Joint Development Agreement between Strategic Biofuels and Sumitomo Corporation of Americas. This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone in the renewable energy sector, positioning Strategic Biofuels for accelerated expansion and technological advancement. JFM Capital has collaborated with TrueNorth Capital Partners’ wholly owned subsidiary, TNCP, LLC (“TrueNorth”) to co-advise Strategic Biofuels on this transaction.


Under the terms of the agreement, Strategic Biofuels, a renewable fuels project development company, will collaborate closely with Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, a global leader in diversified business sectors, to further develop and commercialize Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF).This collaboration aims to address the growing demand for sustainable energy sources, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting environmental stewardship.

“JFM Capital and TrueNorth provided invaluable financial advisory expertise throughout the negotiation process, ensuring that our interests were well-represented and leading to a successful outcome,” said Dr. Paul Schubert, CEO of Strategic Biofuels.“Their collaborative effort and strategic guidance were instrumental in bringing this partnership to fruition, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

“We are proud to have assisted Strategic Biofuels in securing this transformative partnership with Sumitomo Corporation of Americas,” said Joe Maly, Managing Director at JFM Capital. “This collaboration exemplifies the potential for strategic alliances to drive innovation and create value in the renewable energy sector. We are confident that the combined expertise and resources of both companies will propel the development and commercialization of sustainable biofuel technologies.”

“We are delighted to have partnered with JFM Capital in advising Strategic Biofuels on this landmark deal,” said Yuka Kimoto Director at TrueNorth. “This collaboration underscores the importance of strategic partnerships and industry expertise in driving successful transactions. We look forward to seeing the positive impact of this Joint Development Agreement in advancing sustainable energy solutions.”

Any further inquiries can be directed to JFM Capital or TrueNorth at the contact information provided below:

Joe Maly, Managing Director, JFM Capital
Direct Dial Phone Number: (415) 218-3445
E-mail address: jmaly@jfmcap.com

Yuka Kimoto, Director, TrueNorth Capital
Direct Dial Phone Number: (203) 817-0283
E-mail address: ykimoto@truenorthcp.com

About Strategic Biofuels:

Strategic Biofuels LLC is a team of highly experienced energy, petrochemical and renewable fuels technology experts focused on developing a series of deeply negative carbon footprint plants in northern Louisiana that convert waste materials from managed and sustainable forests into renewable fuels. The fuels qualify for substantial Carbon Credits under the Federal Renewable Fuel Standard Program and under the California Low Carbon Fuels Standard.  For more information, visit strategicbiofuels.com.  

About Louisiana Green Fuels:

Louisiana Green Fuels is the first biomass waste-to-fuels project by Strategic Biofuels LLC in northern Louisiana at the Port of Columbia in Caldwell Parish. The biofuel refinery and adjacent power plant and their accompanying Class VI Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) Wells will be the first SAF project in the world to achieve “deeply negative” carbon emissions.

About Sumitomo Corporation of Americas:

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas is the largest subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation, a leading global trading company, with 108 locations in 65 countries and 20 locations in Japan. The entire Sumitomo Corporation Group consists of 900 companies and more than 80,000 personnel. The Sumitomo business is continuously expanding into a diverse range of products and services. As of December 31, 2023, Sumitomo had total assets of over $72 billion and cash-on-hand of over $4.26 billion (please refer to our website at www.sumitomocorp.com).

About JFM Capital Advisors, LLC:

JFM Capital Advisors, LLC, is dedicated to providing creative financing solutions and advisory services in a variety of industries and is especially well suited for raising debt and arranging credit facilities for companies in the energy, shipping and industrial sectors. JFM Capital Advisors, LLC, offers securities through Stonehaven, LLC, a Member of FINRA / SIPC.

About TrueNorth Capital Partners LLC:

TrueNorth provides advisory services to companies seeking advice for middle-market M&A and financing transactions. With offices in Stamford CT, Charleston SC, Central NJ, Minneapolis MN, Tokyo Japan, and London UK, TrueNorth is a boutique investment bank comprised of senior bankers providing a full complement of financial advisory services. Our focus on the middle-market enables us to provide independent, value-added advisory services to privately held middle-market companies, private equity and family office groups and corporate clients, both domestic and international, across a broad range of industries. TrueNorth conducts its securities related business through its wholly owned subsidiary, TNCP, LLC, member FINRA / SIPC.